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Growth Strategies in a Global Economy

As nations continue to emerge from the Great Recession, they face similar challenges in the effort to rebuild and strengthen their economies. But successful transformation does not come without growing pains: As they look to what worked in the past, businesses and governments face the future knowing that some things must change — whether that means embracing new technologies, shoring up inadequate infrastructure or borrowing ideas from different cultures.

In this special report, students from the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies offer unique perspectives gleaned from interviews, observations and research into the struggle for self-improvement by nations.

In Tunisia, government officials and business owners are trying to draw a new kind of tourist who is willing to wander away from the all-inclusive beach resorts to explore the country’s rich history and culture. In Brazil, the world’s second-largest producer of ethanol, significant technological advances present an opportunity to adapt new, more efficient production methods. Japan is pushing itself away from traditional attitudes about money to develop a stronger private equity market. And in Colombia, high fashion is rapidly rising as a star of the economy, ready to give Paris and Milan a run for the money.

From a small shift to a sea change, transformation is taking place around the world. Some countries will win; others won’t be so successful. But for those who persevere, the payoff will be big.

The full report can be downloaded as a PDF from this page.


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